Soldier Memorial

Historic Graveyard

Historic Graveyard

Our historic building sits in the midst of an equally historic graveyard housing approximately 500 graves, many of which are unmarked.  These graves date back as far as the 1700s.

Lying at the back of the graveyard is the “Soldiers Walk Memorial.”  This special tribute to the 73 war veterans buried in the cemetery was dedicated by the Marcus Hook Community Development Corporation in 2003.

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The memorial itself is comprised of a row of headstones commemorating soldiers from five different wars:  the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish American War.  Each of the soldiers included in this Walk are fully documented and honorably discharged.

Located in the center of the walk is a majestic white eagle and a bronze plaque that reads as follows:

Dedicated to the men buried at Saint Martin’s Church Cemetery (1699)
who bravely served their country in the following wars.

Revolutionary War 1775 – 1783
War of 1812 1812 – 1815
Mexican War 1846 – 1848
Civil War 1861 – 1865
Spanish-American War 1898

May your names not just lie on dusty pages, in history books and on worn
gravestones, but be engraved deep in our hearts for all eternity.

Come visit this historic landmark on a Sunday when you can stop in and join us for church!